Sharepoint 2013 Domain Accounts

SharePoint 2013 domain accounts

So you’re planning your install and need to know which SharePoint 2013 domain accounts to set up in active directory. All the accounts you require are listed below.

I’ve used my prefixes for the accounts as they are easily identifiable;

Required SharePoint 2013 domain accounts

  • SP_Admin – This account must be a local administrator on the WFE and have both the ‘Security Admin’ and ‘DB Creator’ role on the SQL server. This is the account with which you install SP with on the server
  • SQL_Admin – This account must be a local server administrator on the SQL server
  • SQL_Engine – A standard domain account to run the SQL engine service
  • SQL_Agent – A standard domain account to run the SQL agent service
  • SP_Farm – A standard domain account
  • SP_AppPool – A standard domain account for your IIS application pools
  • SP_Services – A standard domain account
  • SP_Search – A standard domain account to run the SharePoint search service
  • SP_Crawl – A standard domain account
  • SP_Profiles – A standard domain account that must have ‘replicate directory changes’ rights on Active Directory

Further reading on the required domain accounts can be found in this TechNet article.

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