Bing Accredited Professional

What can Bing Ads do for your business?

What a Bing Accredited Professional can do for your business

  • I can take the hassle out of running your Bing Ads account (I also manage social media for businesses)
  • Drive traffic to your website and in turn drive sales revenue
  • Optimise your adverts for the best results

What I will not do

  • Make false promises
  • Charge you a fortune
  • Tie you into lengthy contracts.

Bing Ads Features

Customer Targeting:

  • Shopping Campaigns – Manage Product Ads more efficiently and help your business get more targeting control and deeper performance insights
  • Remarket your adverts – Help your business optimise your ads, bids, and keywords for high-value customers, like those who visited your homepage or abandoned a shopping cart
  • Location Targeting – Make the most of your budget by targeting searchers in selected cities, counties, and postcodes (The UK only) or within a specified radius.
  • Demographic Targeting – Get quality traffic by serving more relevant ads to your audience. Target and adjust bids based on age and gender
  • Device Targeting – Control when, where and on what device your business ads connect with customers based on what’s best for your business.

Extend Your Ads

  • Call Extensions – Connect searchers to your business with a clickable phone number. Potential clients are just a tap away from speaking to you
  • Location Extensions – Drive foot traffic, not only Web traffic, to your business by displaying your address, a phone number and a directions link in the ads.

Bing Search Statistics – March 2017

Vital Statistics:


  • 9% Market share
  • 12 Billion monthly searches.


  • 9% Market share
  • 3 Billion annual searches.
    • Ireland – 8% Market share and 17 million monthly searches
    • United Kingdom – 26% Market share and 977 million monthly searches.
Bing Network Share
Bing Network Share – Source:

Despite the work involved, I have taken the ‘Bing Accredited Professional’ exam again this year here’s why.

Why I Became a Bing Accredited Professional?

The Accredited Professional program gives me the training and resources I need to become an expert and get the most out of Bing Ads for myself and my clients. Upon becoming an Accredited Professional, I, among other benefits:

  • Receive an official member badge, which makes it easy for others to recognise me as a Bing Ads expert
  • Increase my industry recognition
  • Be placed in the Accredited Professional Membership Directory
  • Market me and my business through Find a Pro
  • Enjoy updated profiles that include social media, the ability to share and more
  • Build my CV.

Bing Accredited Professional

For an informal chat about how I can help your small business grow using Bings Ads drop me a line or get in touch via Alternatively, take a look at my Google and Hootsuite certifications.