Social media is my biggest passion. Read my thoughts and recommendations on the social media in this compilation of blog posts.

Teens Rebel Against Social Media

30th October 2017

Teens Rebel Against Social Media The reach of social media is growing exponentially. As of December 2016, Facebook has a whopping 1.15 billion daily mobile active users. In terms of population, Facebook if it were Read More

When social media and work collide

14th July 2017

In the early days of social media, using these platforms while at your place of employment was widely frowned upon as wasted time. However, as social media platforms became more and more ingrained in both Read More

How to disable Snap Map on Snapchat

7th July 2017

There’s been a huge backlash over the past week regarding the roll out of Snapchat’s new ‘Snap Map’ feature. The release of the new feature and in particular the quiet way it’s been rolled out Read More

The benefits of good internal communication

30th June 2017

With Millennials now making up the largest part of the global workforce and Gen Z making their move into that working population, excellent internal communication in an organisation is more important than ever. Raised on the Read More

Verify your Facebook business page

2nd March 2017

Facebook has for some time now have allowed businesses to verify their own page. This is a simple step by step guide to verify your Facebook business page. Once verified you will see a ‘grey’ Read More

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