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Improve Your Website in 8 Simple Steps

11th September 2019

Over on Social Media Manager Ireland, we work with a lot of clients, helping improve their digital presence. Part of my work is showing clients how to improve their websites and in turn their search Read More

The Forgotten History of Marketing

6th December 2016

Few people are aware of the history of marketing and how it came to be. Unlike other professions which have a long tradition, marketing has a short history. Marketing has its roots in the industrial Read More

Conference, They’re a Jolly, Aren’t They?

25th June 2016

I’ve just returned from the #dmwf conference in London. Whenever I return from such an event I always find myself having to justify my attendance to friends and colleagues, the first thing that’s frequently said Read More

The Rise and Rise of Ad Blocking

11th June 2016

Internet adverts are the primary source of revenue for most websites. Apart from subscription-based sites, most websites are free to browse, thanks to the advertisements displayed on the web pages. This model of the internet Read More

The 5 Sins of Digital Marketing

23rd July 2015

The idea for this digital marketing post popped into my head while sitting aboard an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Dusseldorf in Germany last night. I was reading their excellent in-flight magazine called ‘Cara’ Read More