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Customer Service and Airlines.

3rd June 2017

Why Do They Get it So Wrong? The recent fiasco at British Airways got me thinking, why do airlines get customer service so wrong? Facing a compensation bill of over £100m and untold damage to Read More

Top 8 Best Airlines for Social Media Use

15th June 2016

When I travel certain things irritate me, whether it’s delayed flights, ferries, over zealous security ‘agents’, poor customer service…anyway there are many things. Like most people when I travel I get bored, and when I Read More

The 5 Sins of Digital Marketing

23rd July 2015

The idea for this digital marketing post popped into my head while sitting aboard an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Dusseldorf in Germany last night. I was reading their excellent in-flight magazine called ‘Cara’ Read More