Sharepoint 2010 – SQL Exception ‘Cannot generate SSPI context’

SQL exception cannot generate SSPI context

Trying to access our SharePoint 2010 ‘Central Administration’ site today and I was presented with a ‘can not connect to configuration database’ error message in the browser.

After a bit of digging around in the logs, I found the crux of the problem ‘SQL exception cannot generate SSPI context’.

This error can appear for a variety of reasons but ultimately either:

  • password/service (locked) account problem.
  • incorrect clock settings on your server

In my case the ‘Farm’ service account password had been changed, this had a knock on effect of stopping the ‘Farm’ application pool in IIS. A quick reset of the account and a restart of IIS and I was back in business.

…sometimes I post stuff just as a reminder for myself!

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