Marc Creighton – Who am I?

All About Marc Creighton
Yes, that’s me!

All About Marc Creighton

I’m a 40 something certified IT & Social Media professional working and living in Europe for one of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts. So that’s all about Marc Creighton (Me). Read on if you want to know more.

Professionally, I’ve a deep-seated passion for all things social media and SharePoint, in particular, its use in healthcare. A fierce advocator of the NHS and all that’s great about it. I have a firm belief that innovation should be at the heart of everything we do.

Microsoft product expertise includes Office 365, SharePoint, IIS, SQL Server, Windows Security and Active Directory.

Plans for this blog?

After many years of ‘Tweeting’ about the NHS, social media and technology I’ve decided 140 characters is not enough! I shall be blogging on all of these subjects plus other things that take my fancy. Join the debate by signing up for or signing in to your account.

Other Blogs

I can also be found at the University of Salford ‘Search and Social Media’ blog and on

Social Media

Most days you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Ello. When I’m not working, or on social media, I’m usually undertaking one of my other passions, running, tennis and photography.

All views are my own.


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