How To Get Verified On Vero

Get verified on Vero

Let’s get it out there; I love Vero. It’s the uncluttered interface, combined with its algorithm free of adverts, make it a joy to use. The ease of which you can get verified on Vero is also a big plus. Social media account verification shouldn’t just be for the few, but for everyone as I discussed in a previous post. It’s a necessity to stamp out the chamber of hate that some social networks have become over the past few years.

What is Vero

For those that have never heard of Vero, it’s Instagram done way better. Vero is refreshing because it has no adverts, artificially manipulated newsfeeds and privacy levels that can only be described as a dream. What’s more, it’s currently free to sign up (possible subscriptions to come). Vero touts itself as ‘True social’, and in my opinion it pretty much is.

Get verified on Vero

Things you need to get verified on Vero

  1. A Vero account (obviously!)
  2. The Vero mobile app, it’s available for iOS and Android
  3. Your website with a contact form
  4. Identification such as a passport or driving licence.

Get started

  1. Open the mobile app on your device
  2. Now open your profile at the top of the page
  3. Click the question mark in the top left of your profile pageVero profile page
  4. Now select ‘Verify my account’ from the ‘Choose department’ dropdown listGet verified on Vero
  5. Complete each of the fields on the form and submit your request Submit request
  6. Vero will promptly contact you via your website ‘contact form’, check your email and follow the requested steps.

You will most likely have to send Vero a copy of your identification and a picture of you holding your ID.

It is that simple to get verified on Vero. Are you on Vero? Let me know what you think of it on Twitter or in the comments below.

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